Campana Consultant is an independent strategy and international management consulting firm established in France in 2004 and specialized in cross-border operations and investments.


Specialized in China business, we mainly provide consulting and advisory services for Western companies seeking growth and profitability in China and China-based companies expanding their businesses in Europe and the U.S. Assisting those companies to develop and implement sustainable strategies and to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage by mastering information in complex, uncertain, and fast paced environments.


Working in France, China, and the USA is our primary focus. That keeps us current on the developments, market trends and the players who can have an effect on your company.


Our functional pratices are focus on:

* Strategy & Business Developement:

Strategy audit, Growth strategy, Market entry
New business identification and developement

Target screening (JV, buy-side/sell-side M&A )
• Partnership identification

* Competitive and Market Intelligence:

Market and industry research
Competitor analysis
Operational risks management
• Country and political risks management
Early warning systems developement and implementation

* Cross Cultural management:

Business operations

Negotiation and dispute resolution between JV partners

Corporate governance and post-mergr integration
Team management, expatriation coaching


Our industry pratices are mainly focus on the High Tech industries: Defense, Energy (oil, gas, clean tech), Health (biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical devices), IT, and Maritime. 


We have the local knowlege and networks to help your business! Our services are available in French, Mandarin (Chinese), and English.


Campana Consultant offers a highly confidential and personal service, tailored exactly to your needs.


If you would like to have a personal, confidential and informal discussion about how we could assist you, please send us an e-mail (contacts form) and we will contact you immediately.


Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.